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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas asset integrity services throughout the asset lifecycle

Stork is the expert provider of Asset Integrity Management Services to the Oil & Gas industry, onshore and offshore, worldwide. Our services are tailored to help our clients optimize performance by maintaining, repairing and modifying major assets.

We work as ONE team; a team committed to continuity, quality, innovation and cost efficiency to ensure that we add value throughout the asset lifecycle.

Stork is fully committed to being recognized as a world leader in HSSEQ. REACH Beyond Zero will help us achieve this goal. At every level of our organization, REACH Beyond Zero activates and engages all employees to challenge themselves, to think and do more to improve our HSSEQ culture and performance. This is backed up by a combination of dedicated services, in-depth technical excellence, and a passion for unraveling complexity that makes us your asset integrity partner.

Our value is summed in our unique ethos of thinking and doing. We combine our front-end thinking and problem-solving approach to innovation with an unrivaled range of delivery disciplines and skills. By bringing these together, we provide you with a single point of access to a fully integrated asset integrity assurance service. And by offering you both the technical solutions and the execution, we are uniquely positioned to support our Oil & Gas clients from design right through hook-up and commissioning to operations, shutdowns and, ultimately, decommissioning.

While we excel in delivering individual technical solutions, we also understand the complete oil & gas production process and its many interfaces. This combination of capabilities and industry-specific knowledge – underpinned by our proven portfolio of assess, inspect, repair, maintenance and construction services – is what enables us to seamlessly integrate asset integrity management with operations to help you to:

  • Extend asset lifetime
  • Optimise performance
  • Minimise down time
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Develop and implement asset inspection and maintenance programs
  • Integrate advanced inspection services
  • Integrate repair, turnaround, modification and maintenance activities
  • Improve environmental performance

In short, we streamline the processes that are essential for safe, effective operations. And by improving efficiency, availability and profitability, we help to optimize the value of your assets.

We stand for the highest quality of service delivered in tandem with a safety performance that is always in the top quartile for our industry. We lead by example. We are committed to building open and enduring partnerships with our clients. We believe that long term relationships enable us to help our clients grow their business sustainable and successfully.

Our key service areas are:

How we add value

Efficiency focused

Services geared towards delivering cost and project efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle.

Always innovating

Track record of developing innovative products and services which deliver bottom line benefits for clients.

HSEQ excellence

Safety is a core value and Stork's industry-leading HSEQ program, REACH Beyond Zero, helps the company achieve HSEQ excellence.

Thinking & Doing

Combining front-end thinking with a problem-solving approach to innovation and an unrivaled range of delivery disciplines and skills.

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