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Introduction to windwind turbine gearbox

There has been a tremendous growth in the use of wind energy in Europe, which has a strong environmental and economic security policy framework to support wind energy. Rapid technical developments, gear design innovations and ongoing increase of power capacity characterize this booming market. The global wind industry is responding fast to the increasing need for wind energy development. Worlwide companies are investing in wind power, being convinced of the benefits that wind energy can bring, e.g. clean energy production and less dependence of fossil energy sources. 

Gearbox services

Inspite this ongoing growth, there are still many questions with regard to increasing wind turbine reliability and minimizing downtime. Because of intensive usage, damage to vital gearbox components and wear of bearings are main concerns of wind park owners. Stork Gears & Services is increasingly of service to clients from the wind energy sector with the repair and modification of wind turbines worldwide. Our highly skilled engineers have an extensive knowledge of specific windturbine problems. Onsite windturbine inspections and repair of gearbox components are part of our daily operation. Our customers appreciate our short delivery times and quality and thoroughness of our reports and analysis.

Gearbox services

Our daily operation

  • End of Warranty inspections
  • Gearbox repair & modification
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Wear protection
  • Oil flushing

Gearbox damage repair

Typical gearbox problems

  • Micro pitting, progressive pitting
  • Stand still marks, fine pitting
  • Bearing and gear damage
  • Planetary gear damage
  • Pitting in line...

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