Q: What onshore support is available?

Stork provides an operational onshore support team which includes a Desanding Technical Authority dedicated to all desanding operations. Furthermore, in-house design is supported by independent consultancies for design verification. 

Q: What equipment support is available?

As part of any desanding workscope, all equipment is prepared, inspected, maintained and certified by Stork’s dedicated team. In addition, desanding workscopes also include full logistics support from our specialist shipping group based in Aberdeen.

Q: Is there risk of erosion when inserting the jetting nozzle into the separator?

No cases of separator nozzle erosion have ever been reported to Stork. There is potential risk of the jet impinging on the separator nozzle internal surface in the presence of sand. However, to mitigate such risk, Stork minimize fluid velocities in the risk area through separator nozzle. The design of the jetting nozzle supports jetting unit speed manipulation allowing the slurry to pass through the risk area as quickly as possible.

Q: We have a ‘No Double Stacking’ policy. How do you propose to work with this restraint?

Stork commissioned an independent stability study which resulted in the use of proprietary ‘ISO Block Locks’ to secure the units together, installation of a bumper bar on the lower unit to guide the upper unit into position and fitting of a long sling set to the upper unit allowing diskonnection from the crane from deck level.

To support these recommendations, we develop a lifting operation plan as well as lifting operation plan risk assessments. 

Q: How many beds required, durations, equipment weights and footprints?

Stork deploy an experienced 5-man desanding crew, requiring 5 beds (dayshift working). AOD is a fast solution, typically a 7 day workscope, removing up to 20 tons of sand per day. The equipment is small and light, with a footprint of 30m2 and total weight of 30 tons (dry) and 40 tons (wet).

The team have been forever helpful and worked to a high standard of safety ensuring all procedures and safe working practices were adhered to.


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