Composite Repair

Composite Repair


When it comes to Asset Integrity, Stork has indeed got it wrapped. Today, aging asset infrastructure requires expensive maintenance and repair. Pipe corrosion in particular is a big industry challenge. Stork is committed to developing and extending its range of technologies and solutions to ensure value is added throughout the asset lifecycle.

As part of a fully integrated asset integrity led portfolio, Stork is proud to officially launch its range of composite wrap solutions. Stork’s composite wrap is more than just a high-tech product, it is a complete pipe repair and structural reinforcement solution. A wide range of products specifically designed to provide flexible, efficient and cost-effective repairs to piping and infrastructure components.

Stork’s wide range of composite wraps provide leak repair; pipe encapsulation; and the containment and reinforcement of both flat, irregular, and complex curved surfaces. With exceptional adhesion properties, they are proven in extreme climates and harsh chemical environments.

Stork PowerSleeve, AquaWrap & Pipe Repair Solutions
Stork PowerSleeve is a field-applied composite solution to encapsulate internal corrosion. It’s built from a combination of a high-strength E-glass and Kevlar hybrid fiberglass fabric, and a high-performance epoxy. A powerful pipe re-enforcement product, PowerSleeve acts as a barrier against future through-wall conditions while providing substantial hoop and axial strength reinforcement.

Stork also offers a high-strength composite solution for underwater and wet environments. Stork Aquawrap halts and encapsulates external corrosion while restoring structural integrity. Its fiberglass substrate is factory-impregnated with a urethane resin and comes supplied in a nitrogen-filled, Mylar bag. Aquawrap is quick and simple to apply, requiring no mixing or resin preparation.

Custom pipe repair solutions including stainless steel clamps, bossed pipe service saddles, under-pressure tees and mini/snap clamps are also available. All calculations for pressure containment and structural integrity are carried out in house by Stork’s corrosion specialists; offering flexible bespoke composite wrap solutions within short lead times.

Added Value
Stork’s composite wrap range not only has significant cost savings for clients but it also has the widest range of selection of products on the market. Stork can offer a one-stop-shop approach to bespoke pipe repair solutions, eliminating the need for multiple contractors.

Stork are committed to continually developing our products and services through innovation and technology. With a development program and strong relationships with key suppliers, Stork’s innovations improve the health, safety and performance of the company, its operatives and client operations.

Find more information on Stork’s range of industry innovations and awards. Please read some of our Composite Wrap testimonials also. If you are looking for more high resolution images, go to our image gallery. 

Testimonial by George Rennie
ISC Fabric Maintenance Lead
Wood Group PSN

“Stork’s PowerSleeve delivered a rapid solution which has produced significant time and cost savings. The original structural integrity was completely restored and affected area covered. We found the attitude of the Stork technicians to be of an excellent standard. They displayed a safe and conscientious attitude towards the tasks they were asked to carry out and completed the scope as per the planned timeline.”


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