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Hot Bolt Clamp Testimonials

To date, thousands of four bolt flanged connections have been reworked with a 100% success rate, with additional applications scheduled in the near future.

We already have an excellent track record and are confident that we will see significant uptake of the technology continue across the UKCS and internationally. On this page you can read Hot Bolt Clamp testimonials from some of our clients.

Michael Herdman

Engineering Team Leader
Shell, Nelson

“From a safety performance point of view the Stork engineers were the targets of two documented safety stop tours and provided little if no areas of concern; adhering to the permit precautions at all times. I myself spoke to the technicians on many occasions both in the locker room and at the work site and could tell by their explanations and body language that they were competent trades men with many years Offshore working experience behind them.”

“I would very much like to have Stork technicians back on the Nelson in the turn of the New Year, as I think that the Hydraulic Clamp would be extremely useful and open up a lot of work that will allow us to complete our Nuts & Studs 2010 spread sheet. It would certainly make my job a lot easier together with a significant reduction in the amount of man hours and input from operations as no breaking of containment would be required and very little in the way of plant would need to be isolated.”

Alan Love

Mechanical Engineer
BP Andrew

“BP contracted Stork to carry out the four bolt flange replacement bolt program and this entailed using hydraulic clamps to change the bolts on line on live systems. We found the attitude of the Stork technicians to be of an excellent standard. They displayed a safe and conscientious attitude towards the tasks they were asked to carry out and completed the scope as per the planned timeline.”

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