Waste to energy

Waste to energy

Sustainable solutions in a challenging world

Increasing energy-efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing returns

Operators and owners of waste-to-energy plants are committed to increase the energy‑efficiency of their plants to generate as much sustainable energy as possible. Plants have evolved from waste incinerators to energy-production facilities, with or without heat recovery. Combining our expertise in asset management with our in-depth knowledge of the waste-incineration process and equipment, we work with you to develop successful strategies and customized solutions that deliver real benefits. We align processes, systems and people to achieve result-driven behavior and continuous improvement.

How we add value:

  • Reduce operational costs through improved efficiencies and processes
  • Reduce downtime through an integrated maintenance approach
  • Reduce carbon footprint by delivering essential upgrades and modifications
  • Improve availability by retrofitting all key equipment
  • Develop customized solutions
  • Improve HSSEQ parameters using our award-winning in-house safety program

Waste-to-energy plant operators and owners face many challenges:

  • Complex competitive environment with private and government-owned players
  • Reduced waste prices
  • Overcapacity
  • Open borders for import and export of waste
  • Diversified fuel compositions
  • Controlled emissions
  • Shortages of technical skills

Waste to energyAddressing these challenges demands top performance of the waste-to-energy plant throughout the life-cycle.
At Stork we understand the difficult balance between asset integrity, financial performance and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to help you maximize return on investment, to help you comply with regulations and to improve your safety performance. We help you to achieve your goals with generic and specialized services and advice on asset management.

At Stork we have the capability and knowledge to maintain the business‑critical components of your plant. But we can go an important step further, with an asset management methodology that identifies potential asset improvements to reduce environmental impact and use of resources, and to optimize financial performance.

Optimizing heat recovery

The current volatile economic climate has forced many waste-to-energy operators to take a critical look at their business models. We work with customers to help them optimize both power and heat output. We analyze the energy system and local energy supply and demand factors, and then we support customers to make the transition from waste incineration to supplying heat and steam. Steam can be used as process steam or for local district heating. The transition is a challenging process, but with our expertise it can be a profitable one.

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