wind services

Independent operations and maintenance services for the offshore and onshore wind industry

Stork is a leading provider of technical services to the global wind energy industry. Our integrated approach allows us to assess, inspect and repair onshore and offshore wind turbines to ensure operational integrity, reduce unscheduled downtime and minimize OPEX, without compromising safety or quality.

How we add value:

  • Reduce operational costs through innovative repair techniques.
  • Ensure a safe, high quality service delivery.
  • deliver outstanding HSEQ performance through our REACH Beyond Zero initiative.
  • Provide fast response times in line with changing weather conditions.
  • Execute onsite inspections and deliver maintenance plans that reduce downtime and minimize OPEX.
  • Deliver main component repair onsite as well as onsite exchange work.
  • Provide a 24/7 service to address unplanned maintenance and repair.
  • deliver tailored solutions to your specific requirements.
  • Execute drive train maintenance using highly qualified, multi-skilled personnel.

Our wind turbine drive train services include:

  • Vibration measurement and analysis of full drive train.
  • Visual (videoscopic) inspections.
  • End of warranty inspections.
  • Onsite repair and modification of gearboxes and generators.
  • Gearbox and generator exchange program.
  • Spare parts manufacturing.
  • Asset management. 
  • Strategic spare part management
  • Resistance and impendance measurements forinspection of generator.
  • Polarisation index, nt.

We provide a wide range of integrated balance of plant support (BOP) services – from topside to subsea – that help ensure the safe, cost-effective operation of your wind farm.

Wind Services

Monopiles (subsea)

  • Inspection of coating
  • Inspection of algae growth
  • Inspection of anode
  • Inspection of erosion protection

Transition Pieces

  • Fabric maintenance
  • Maintenance of electrical installations
  • Maintenance of mechanical installations
  • Offshore High Voltage Stations
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Maintenance of electrical installations
  • Maintenance of mechanical installations

Onshore Installation

  • Maintenance of electrical installation


  • HSEQ
  • Asset management
  • Monitoring
  • Logistics
  • Transfer (by boat and helicopter)
  • Corrosion management


  • Trained divers
  • Rope access
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers

New Build

  • Electrical installation of offshore high voltage stations
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Rental service for tools and equipment

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