Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management

Strategic Asset Performance Management improves the effectiveness of Client assets

Stork, a Fluor company, translates Clients’ business strategy into a sound and solid asset management strategy, aligning operations with PAS55 and ISO 55001 requirements.

Strategic Asset Management

A field proven methodology to prioritize asset management decisions with decreasing time windows of ROI targets is available through Stork's Strategic Asset Management consultants.

Strategic Asset Management assists to:

  • Maximize asset performance
  • Optimize the associated expenditure
  • Ensure asset and operational integrity over the total asset life-cycle

Asset Performance Improvement (API) Consulting Program

The Asset Performance Improvement (API) assessment process helps plant and facility owners reduce overall operating costs and increase plant productivity. API benchmarks a plant's operating performance and helps identify step-change improvement opportunities deliverable through a pay-for-performance commercial approach.

API process assists to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of Client assets
  • Lower cost and reducing delays
  • Improve performance through multi-pronged approach

Click here for more information on the Asset Performance Improvement (API) Consulting Program.

How we add value

Optimum performance

Latest and best practices in asset integrity management are identified and implemented to deliver optimum asset performance

Cost reduction

API assessment process identifies step-change improvements to reduce operating costs and improve plant productivity

Innovative approach

Specialist expertise to develop and implement innovative strategies for delivering full asset optimisation

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