Reliability & Integrity Management

Reliability & Integrity Management

Supporting you in improving asset performance and reducing costs

The performance of your assets determines the performance of the company. Increasing asset reliability & integrity leads to higher availability and more output. Sound maintenance plans reduce the costs of maintenance and downtime. And compliance with regulations ensures you keep your license to operate. At Stork, we offer services that support you in improving the performance of your assets and optimizing costs, while keeping your assets compliant with regulations.

How we add value:

  • Maximising the output of the installation
  • Minimising the input of the installation
  • Achieving installation integrity & compliance
  • Improving Safety, Health and Environmental performance
  • Achieving and maintaining legal compliance
  • Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance (e.g. ISO, standards…)
  • Extending installation lifetime

You want to increase the performance of your assets? Your assets need to comply with current regulations? You need a sound asset maintenance plan? You want a prediction of asset failures? You want to calculate an optimum replacement interval in terms of costs and asset availability?

Companies have different strategies, sometimes determined by economic circumstances. In some situations maximum output is demanded, and in others the costs need to be reduced. In the first situation maximum availability is expected. While in the second, the required availability is a function of the cost level. Within Reliability & Integrity Management risk management is the basis, and in both situations it is the start of sound maintenance plans and achieving full control of asset failures. At Stork we have the specific knowledge to set up the right set of tools to increase asset reliability, reduce the chance of asset failure and control costs related to the asset.

Statistics and data analysis are very important in Reliability & Integrity Management. Setting up a system of data capture and analysis is therefore essential. This can be set up in spreadsheets or by using specific reliability software. Stork has the necessary knowledge of the most commonly used reliability software tools, and supports customers in choosing the right tool for their organization and in implementing it.

International regulations and harmonized standards regarding technical installations are changing rapidly, and it isn’t always easy for organizations to follow these changes. At Stork we keep constantly up-to-date with the common international regulations and harmonized standards, and we know what impact these regulations have on assets and organizations.

Our services include:

  • We set up sound maintenance plans through the best use of methods and tools
  • We implement and use these tools in a highly flexible way to ensure the best and most efficient use in each specific customer situation
  • We implement and use statistics and data analysis to determine asset failures and the optimum replacement level
  • We have specialized skills in implementing and using reliability software tools
  • Our people have detailed knowledge of the common international regulations and standards regarding technical installations
  • Cost is the basis of our risk management system in all our decisions

The evolution in thinking of Reliability & Integrity:

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