Mechanical & Piping

Mechanical & Piping


Complete life-cycle services for the full mechanical & piping spectrum

At Stork, we understand the challenges that process industries face today: the need to reduce operational costs, maximize uptime and optimize maintenance efficiency. That means working with customer requirements to ensure the highest level of asset integrity and reliability. It also means creating a solid plan detailing risks and maintenance needs to ensure reliable production, and defining and calculating the technical scope of work throughout the entire life-cycle.

How we add value:

  • Complete life-cycle services: engineering, execution, service & maintenance and overhaul, replacement
  • We cover the complete technical spectrum: from generic to highly specialized mechanical work – we have capabilities in all mechanical areas
  • Integrated approach in turnkey projects; one contact person, one responsible party
  • Award-winning safety program
  • 24/7 service, transparency and traceability for world-class quality

We work closely together with you to ensure asset integrity, efficiency and reliability while providing support for the total life-cycle of crucial flow and manufacturing equipment. We have capabilities covering all mechanical areas, which distinguishes us from other players in the marketplace. We carry out the entire maintenance process, from dismantling, overhaul and repair right through to reinstallation, commissioning and if necessary replacement. We offer a wide range of services: from call-out to performance-based contracts, on-site or in our own workshops, and covering the onshore and offshore, chemical, power, oil & gas and industrial segments.

With our unique combination of knowledge and experience – supported by a proven and wide-ranging services portfolio – we have the capability to deliver significant cost benefits and support for all business-critical components and processes.
When needed we integrate complementary services such as rope access, scaffolding, machinery and manpower resourcing to ensure tailor-made solutions for your specific project requirements.

We offer a range of solutions and services, but we believe in one approach: integration.
Integrated solutions deliver economies of scale, flexibility of response and innovation in thinking. They minimize process interruptions and downtime. They cut the number of suppliers you need, with all the associated administrative workload. And they lead to safer working practices and environments.

Our services include:

  • Machining & bolting services
  • Subsea machining & bolting services
  • Composite repair
  • Pumps services
  • Heat treatment services
  • Heat treatment equipment
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Mechanical construction

Our Services

Piping Services

Reduce your downtime with the expert manufacture and installation of prefabrication of piping, skids and modules.

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Machining & Bolting Services

From inspection through to assembly, testing and completion, we ensure reliable safe operations with fully integrated onsite machining, bolting and leak repair services.

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Subsea Machining & Bolting

Our subsea bolt tensioning and hydraulic equipment services offer clients full project management solutions from tool selection, bolt load calculations, diver training and the option of hiring associated hydraulic equipment.

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Composite Repair

Stork’s composite repair solutions offer a proactive and safe approach which benefit our clients; significantly reducing costs and risk as well as optimizing asset performance.

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Pump Services

Keep you production running with fast and effective maintenance, repairs and overhauls of almost all brands and types of pumps.

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Valve Services

Ensure continuous correct operations with complete predictive and preventative valve maintenance services.

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Heat Treatment Services

Our highly established reputation in thermal technology design and engineering excellence combined with a global footprint makes Stork Cooperheat the world’s largest specialist heat treatment company.

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Heat Treatment Equipment

Stork’s Cooperheat product line designs and manufactures industry leading furnaces and ovens to a range of sectors including oil and gas, power, chemical, heavy fabrication, forging, foundry and any other industry where heating processes are required.

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Mechanical Maintenance

Complete maintenance services and competences focused on improving performance and reducing total costs of ownership.

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Mechanical Construction

Full execution and project management for greenfield and brownfield mechanical construction projects.

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