Torque measurement tools

Torque measurement tools

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Torque measurements

Stork Diagnostic Services performs couple measurements on location using stretch strips.

This is usually done on gearboxes and screw axles. We can perform measurements continually using our advanced RMC-sensor telemetric system.

This system can send current static and dynamic (torsion vibration) couples of the stretch strip on the axle via an amplifier to the RMC-unit. The volt signal can be converted proportionally to the elasticity to a couple value. The measured values are recorded in a data logger. The measured values are not influenced by bending or temperature changes due to the "full bridge" stretch strip application.

The RMC unit measures several parametersTorque measurements with RMC unit

  • Couple (static and dynamic)
  • Power
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration

 Advantages of the RMC-unitTorque measurements with RMC unit

  • Short set-up time
  • No more solder resistance needed on amplifier unit
  • Freely adjustable measurement range and zero setting measurements
  • High resolution of measurement signals due to variable measurement range
  • Integrated rpm recorder

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