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Spiral bevel gearset fit for Rolls Royce Liaane Thrusters TT92 and TT105

Stork Gears & Services is an independent service and gear manufacturing company.

Through own design we are able to supply with engineered and manufactured spiral bevel gearsets which are as good as the originals. We are not Rolls Royce and we are not using their designs. Stork Gears & Services is definitely able to help you with repairs and spare part delivery for Rolls Royce Thrusters based on own designs and know how.

The 'cyclo palloid bevel gears' is one of the thruster parts which can cause problems and then needs to be replaced. If this part of the thruster is damaged, delivery times of the parts are long and the thruster can not be used for a long period.

Stork Gears & Services is aware of the long delivery times of these types of specialized gear sets. Therefore we keep some of those gears in stock, so we can serve our customers better and faster!

Because of the thrusters position, under the vessel, it is very important that the repair is done by an experienced company. We from Stork Gears & Services have decades of experience and can not only supply the gears from stock, we can carry out the complete overhaul and repair of the thruster.

rolls royce thruster part bevel gear
Thruster part bevel gear (pre-machined) 

For sale, available from stock:

Spiral bevel gearset fit for Rolls Royce Liaane Thrusters TT92 and TT105

Facts & Figures:

  • High Quality, HPG grinded
  • DNV approved
  • Available from stock
  • Available types: TT92 / TT105
  • Power: 1325 kW / 1910 kW
  • We can overhaul and repair the complete thruster.

rolls royce thruster components

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