Fast turbine repair for FPSO vessels worldwide

Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) 

Turbine Gearbox Repair at FPSO vesselOffshore oil exploration and the interest in FPSO vessels is growing worldwide. An FPSO is a type of floating tank system used in the offshore oil and gas industry. They offer advantages in areas with deep water, remote offshore locations where a pipeline infrastructure does not exist or small marginally economic fields that will only be exploited for a few years. Since the mid-1970s about 150 FPSO's are producing on fields in the North Sea, Brazil, West Africa, Southeast Asia, China and other locations, often in response to the need to produce in water depth beyond the reach of fixed platforms. Floating production systems offer many advantages over permanent production platforms, often because of their operational flexibility and cost savings. 

Fast overhaul of turbines

In close cooperation with Stork Turbomachinery Services we overhaul all sort and types of steam turbines for FPSO vessels:

  • Forward propulsion turbines
  • Generator propulsion turbines
  • Boiler feed water pump turbines
  • Ballast and loading pump turbines
  • High speed gearboxes

Most of our orders have an extremely short completion time, because of sudden, unforeseen maintenance. Fast turbine overhaul reduces the costs of unprogramd shut-downs and the resulting loss of production. 
We offer 24-hour service "all over the world" in which quality and speed are our most important driving forces. 

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