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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about REACH Beyond Zero.

If you have more queries, please contact your regional HSSEQ Advisor or get in touch with the REACH Beyond Zero team via

Q. What training will be provided to our HSEQ teams?

No specific training is required for REACH Beyond Zero. REACH Beyond Zero works on a framework of communication and commitment. The REACH Beyond Zero toolkit will be launched in coming weeks. All items included in the toolkit are accompanied by a guidance document, which will ensure that the process is fully understood and used correctly. 

Q.How should our suppliers embrace REACH Beyond Zero?

It is important to remember that this is a Stork initiative and we do not want our suppliers to be involved. However, REACH Beyond Zero should be shared with our suppliers at every opportunity.

Q.Can we report incidents anonymously?

No, every incident is reported with a contact name and location.

Q.When working on a client facility, should we follow the REACH Beyond Zero house rules or the client's house rules? What do we do if there is conflict between the two?

REACH Beyond Zero House and Operating Rules are our company-wide standard and we are implementing these into our day-to-day activities. All house rules can be implemented into client sites very easily. If any of our clients have additional rules, then these should be adhered to also.

Q.Will we receive training or guidance on raising safety intervention? When is it ok to intervene?

In time, training can and will be given - when required - on how to raise and carry out an intervention. As long as it is safe to do so, you can intervene at any time - you will always have management support to do this. At Stork, we encourage intervention at all levels.

Q.What will happen after the REACH Beyond Zero launch? What should we do to implement REACH Beyond Zero?

After the official REACH Beyond Zero, you must embrace all the tools that are part of the REACH Beyond Zero toolkit and begin to get into working with you so we can become safer, together. The REACH Beyond Zero toolkit will be launched in coming weeks.

Q.What will HSSEQ support for the REACH Beyond Zero launch?

The REACH Beyond Zero will be managed by local management teams and their HSSEQ colleagues. Anyone who is required from the Corporate HSSEQ team will be available, and you can contact us via

Q.Why are we launching REACH Beyond Zero now?

REACH Beyond Zero has a proven track record - click here to read more about this. REACH Beyond Zero has been recognized by our Leadership Team as something that can help us improve our performance.